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BEST of URTeC 2019 — Technical Paper Award Winners

Kevin Raterman, ConocoPhillips

Analysis of a Drained Rock Volume: An Eagle Ford Example

Haijing Wang, Chevron

Accurate Rock Mineral Characterization with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Mark Curtis, University of Oklahoma

Visualization of Pore Connectivity Using Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Measurements, Micro X-Ray Computed Tomography, and Cryo Scanning Electron

Mike Perz, TGS

Shallow Velocity Model Building Considerations for Pre-Stack Depth Migration in Unconventionals

Lianbo Hu, University of Oklahoma

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Slippage of a Natural Fracture Resulting from an Approaching Hydraulic Fracture

Jason Jweda, ConocoPhillips

Assessing Drainage Dynamics in the Eagle Ford Using Produced Water Geochemistry

Yuxing Ben, Anadarko Petroleum

Development and Application of a Real Time Drillng State Classification Algorithm with Machine Learning

Amit Katiyar, The Dow Chemical Company

Industry-First Hydrocarbon-Foam Eor Pilot in An Unconventional Reservoirs: Generalization to Anomalous Diffusion and Power Law Behavior

Vincent Artus, Kappa

Flow Regimes Based Decline Curve for Unconventional Reservoirs: Generalization to Anomalous Diffusion and Power Law Behavior

Mark McClure, ResFrac Corporation

A Collaborative Study on Interpretation of Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests: Integrating Modeling, Field Data, and Analytical Calculations

Terry Palisch, Carbo Ceramics

Far-Field Proppant Imaging: A Stack Case History

Taylor Lunger, University of Oklahoma

Leak Detection in the Wet Natural Gas Transportation Within Hilly Terrain Pipelines

Stephen Sonnenberg, Colorado School of Mines

Geology of the Turner Sandstone Finn Shurley Field Powder River Basin Wyoming

David Wilcox, Halliburton

Multilaterals – An Unconventional Approach to Unconventional Reservoirs

Akash Sharma, DrillingInfo

An Integrated Data-Driven Approach to Quantify Oilfield Water Lifecycle And Economics