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Jay Stratton Jay Stratton SPE Co-Chair Ultra Petroleum
Stephanie  Perry Stephanie Perry AAPG Co-Chair GeoMark Research Ltd
Scott W. Singleton Scott W. Singleton SEG Co-Chair Independence Resources Management
Robert Archer Hull Robert Archer Hull Theme Chair Consultant
Craig Cipolla Craig Cipolla Theme Chair Hess Corporation
Johannes Alvarez Johannes Alvarez Theme Chair Chevron
Katerina  Yared Katerina Yared Theme Chair SM Eenrgy
Brian W. Driskill Brian W. Driskill Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production Co.
Stephen A. Sonnenberg Stephen A. Sonnenberg Theme Chair Colorado School of Mines
Andrew Munoz Andrew Munoz Theme Chair Ensign Natural Resources
Matthew Troy Poole Matthew Troy Poole Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production
Gang Han Gang Han Theme Chair Aramco Americas
Ahmad Ghassemi Ahmad Ghassemi Theme Chair The University of Oklahoma
Robert Hurt Robert Hurt Theme Chair Pioneer Natural Resources
John Blair Curtis, PhD John Blair Curtis, PhD Theme Chair GeoMark Research, Ltd.
Eric E. Michael Eric E. Michael Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Ulrich Zimmer Ulrich Zimmer Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production Company
Birol  Dindoruk Birol Dindoruk Theme Chair Shell International Exploration and Production
Benin Chelinsky Jeyachandra Benin Chelinsky Jeyachandra Theme Chair NESH
Autumn Shannon Autumn Shannon Theme Chair Marathon Oil
George Koperna George Koperna Theme Chair Advanced Resources Int'l Inc
Mohan Manohar Mohan Manohar Theme Chair Noble Energy
Susan Howes Susan Howes Theme Chair Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC
Alexsandra Martinez Alexsandra Martinez Theme Chair DeGolyer and MacNaughton
David William Hume David William Hume Theme Chair
John Lassek John Lassek Theme Chair Encana
Bin Yuan Bin Yuan Theme Chair Univerisity of Calgary
Jayne Alexandra Sloan Jayne Alexandra Sloan Theme Chair Parsley Energy
Luis Baez Luis Baez Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Producation Company
Steven Carpenter Steven Carpenter Theme Chair Univerisity of Wyoming
Sallie Greenberg Sallie Greenberg Theme Chair Univeristy of Illinois
Skip Rhodes Skip Rhodes Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Pioneer Natural Resources
Douglas Nelson Valleau Douglas Nelson Valleau Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Strategia Innovation and Technology Advisors,LLC
Alejandro Lerza Alejandro Lerza Panels and Invited Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Chevron
Isaac Aviles Isaac Aviles Panels and Invited Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Schlumberger
Baosheng Liang Baosheng Liang Topicals Subcommittee Chair Chevron Energy Tech. Co.